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2009 Rhododendron of the Year Awards
Plants suitable for Northwestern USA


Elepidote Rhododendron: 'Fantastica'
R. 'Mars' x R. degronianum ssp yakushimanum 'Koichiro Wada'

Flower 1¾ to 2" across, strong purplish-pink, shading to white in throat, lightly spotted greenish-yellow. Ball-shaped trusses hold 18-20 flowers. Blooms midseason to late midseason. Leaves elliptic, 4" long, dark green with wooly, tan-colored indumentum. Dense and compact shrub. Grows to a typical height of 3 ft. in 10 yrs.  Hardy to -15° F (-26°C).  Hybridized by Hachmann.

R. 'Fantastica'

  Photo by Kenneth Cox

R. augustinii

Lepidote Rhododendron augustinii
Species rhododendron in subgenus Rhododendron section Rhododendron subsection Triflora

Flower blue to purple, pink, lavender or white, blotched or spotted olive green, ochre or purple, 1½ - 2" across. Held in clusters with 2 - 6 flowers. Blooms early midseason to midseason.  Leaves narrowly elliptic to lanceolate, up to 4½" long, ½ - 1" wide, dark green above, underside densely scaly with hairs along veins. Tall, upright plant habit.  Grows to a height of 6 ft. in 10 yrs.  Plant and bud hardy to 0° F (-18° C).  Named after Augustine Henry, who discovered it in 1886.  Native to the Hubei and Szechwan China.

Photo by Prudence Holliger  

Evergreen Azalea: 'Balsaminiflorum'
R. indicum selection

Flower deep yellowish-pink, 1½" across, double with about 40 petals and no pistils or stamens. Blooms very late.  Leaves elliptic, light green.  Low, mounding, dense plant habit.  Grows to a typical height of 3 ft in 10 yrs.  Hardy to 0° F (-18° C). Raised in Japan and named by Carrière.

R. 'Balsaminiflorum'

  Photo by Chris Klapwijk

R. occidentale

Deciduous Azalea: R. occidentale
Species rhododendron in subgenus Pentanthera section Pentanthera subsection Pentanthera

Flower very variable, white, white flushed pink, or pale pink, often with a yellow blotch, fragrant, 1½ - 2" across, broadly funnel-shaped. Inflorescence usually 3-12 flowers.  Blooms late midseason.  Leaves usually oblanceolate, sometimes linear or orbicular, deciduous, 1 - 5" long, ½ - 1½" wide. Upright growth habit.  Grows to a height of 5 - 8 ft. in 10 years.   Hardy to -5° F (-21°C).  Native to western U.S. from S. California to S. Washington.

Photo by Don Kohlenberger  

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