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Seed Exchange Lots for 2022

h.p.  - Hand pollinated seeds.
c.p.  - Controlled pollination. (Stigma covered after pollination)
o.p.  - Open pollination.
c.w. - Collected in the wild.
com. - Companion plants.

Lots marked with strikethrough are "sold out".

Kristian Theqvist, Finland
22-001      o.p.   (aureum1 X viscidifolium2)  Goal: could give surprises as open-pollinated, yellow flowers?
22-002      c.p.   (Haaga3 x vernicosum4) X vernicosum4  Goal: hardy "vernicosum" look-alike
22-003      c.p.   brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii5 X Silberpfeil6  Goal: hardy, very large-leaved
22-004      c.p.   Great Dane7 X Silberpfeil6  Goal: very large-leaved, thick indumentum
22-005      o.p.   Kristian's Moonlight8  Goal: surprises as open-pollinated, very hardy, low growth
22-006      c.p.   Kullervo9 X (yakushimanum10 x pachysanthum11)  Goal: thick indumentum, compact
22-007      c.p.   Kullervo9 X Silberpfeil6  Goal: hardy very large-leaved, indumentum
22-008      c.p.   macrophyllum12 ARS 367/00 X macrophyllum12 ARS 118/05  Goal: a cross between two selections of the hardiest specimens in Finland
22-009      c.p.   Merja13 X (aureum1 x viscidifolium2)  Goal: hardy, yellow-orange flowers, compact growth
22-010      c.p.   Merja13 X Hehku14  Goal: hardy, yellow-orange flowers, compact growth
22-011      c.p.   Mikkeli15 X (pachysanthum11 x adenogynum16)  Goal: hardy, thick indumentum
22-012      c.p.   Mikkeli15 X Silberpfeil6  Goal: hardy, very large-leaved, thick indumentum
22-013      c.p.   P.M.A. Tigerstedt17 X luteum18  Goal: Azaleodendron with yellow flowers, potentially low germination and weak seedlings
22-014      c.p.   smirnowii19 X Great Dane7  Goal: hardy, indumented large leaves, white flowers
22-015      c.p.   smirnowii19 X Henrika20  Goal: hardy, yellow/pink flowers
22-016      c.p.   smirnowii19 X Silberpfeil6  Goal: hardy, very large indumented leaves
   1 aureum: a hardy species from subsection Pontica, low growing with yellow flowers
   2 viscidifolium: species from subsection Thomsonia, copper-orange flowers
   3 Haaga: very hardy Finnish brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii cultivar, pink flowers
   4 vernicosum: species from subsection Fortunea, pale rose flowers
   5 brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii: super hardy brachycarpum subspecies, white flowers
   6 Silberpfeil: parentage smirnowii X rex, very large leaves
   7 Great Dane: parentage yakushimanum X rex, great foliage
   8 Kristian's Moonlight: parentage P.M.A. Tigerstedt X Alli, light yellow flowers, compact growth, very good hardiness
   9 Kullervo: hardy Finnish yaku cultivar, pink flowers fading white, parentage brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii x yakushimanum
   10 yakushimanum: compact species from subsection Pontica, thick indumentum, white flowers
   11 pachysanthum: compact species from subsection Maculifera, thick indumentum, white flowers
   12 macrophyllum: species from subsection Pontica, source of seed from British Columbia
   13 Merja: parentage Helsinki University X Böhmen, pink/orange/yellow flowers, compact growth, good hardiness
   14 Hehku: parentage Elsie Maria X 'Böhmen', orange yellow flowers, compact growth, good hardiness
   15 Mikkeli: parentage brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii X smirnowii, large white/pink flowers, large indumented leaves, very good hardiness
   16 adenogynum: species from subsection Taliensia, mustard-colored indumentum
   17 P.M.A. Tigerstedt: parentage brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedtii X possibly 'Gudrun', very good hardiness
   18 luteum: yellow flowered fragrant deciduous azalea
   19 smirnowii: very hardy species from subsection Pontica, indumented leaves
   20 Henrika: parentage Kullervo x Golden Coach, flowers light yellow with light pink edges
   More information with photos at

Chris Trautmann, Oregon USA
22-017      h.p.   magnificum X (calophytum x macabeanum)

John Wight, California USA
22-018      withdrawn

Frederick Thurber, Massachusetts USA
22-019      h.p.   auriculatum, RSF 1458 X auriculatum, RSF 1458 (separate plants)
22-020      h.p.   auriculatum, RSF 1458 X glanduliferum, RSF 98/986
22-021      h.p.   Campfire Peach X Dexter's Peppermint
22-022      h.p.   Dexter's Honeydew X Dexter's Spice
22-023      h.p.   Dexter's Spice X Dexter's Honeydew
22-024      h.p.   Cocheco Sweet Perfume X Dexter's Peppermint

Jack Looye, Nova Scotia Canada
22-025      h.p.   [Casanova x (Stone's Bronze Wings x September Song )] X Golden Horseshoe
22-026      h.p.   Ceylon F2 X Babylon
22-027      h.p.   Fantastica X Dark Lord
22-028      h.p.   Golden Horseshoe X (Casanova x Golden Ruby)
22-029      h.p.   Golden Horseshoe X Dark Lord
22-030      h.p.   Golden Horseshoe X Birdcage Blush
22-031      h.p.   Golden Horseshoe X Bud's Yellow
22-032      h.p.   (Nancy Evans x Casanova) X Golden Horseshoe
22-033      h.p.   peach-orange unknown X Golden Horseshoe
22-034      h.p.   [(tetraploid carolinianum x Blue Diamond) x Starry Night] X Blue Baron
22-035      h.p.   [Tols1 x (yakushimanum x proteoides)] X (brachycarpum x fictolacteum)2
22-036      h.p.   [Tols1 x (yakushimanum x proteoides)] X Babylon
22-037      h.p.   [Tols1 x (yakushimanum x proteoides)]  XHolden's Spring Herald
   1 Tols is a Dr. Tolstead hybrid introduced by Weldon Delp. The cross is yakushimanum X catawbiense
   2 A John Weagle cross

Frederick Thurber, Massachusetts USA
22-038      h.p.   Janet Blair X fortunei
22-039      h.p.   Dexter's Spice X glanduliferum, RSF 98/980

John Weagle, Nova Scotia Canada
22-040      h.p.   (brachycarpum 'Tony Law' x rex. ssp. fictolacteum) X platypodum
22-041      o.p.   dauricum var. album – superb form
22-042      h.p.   (fortunei, Gable x catawbiense var. album 'Glass') X platypodum
22-043      com.   Weigela middendortinana

Mike Oliver, Oregon USA
The following four seed lots are intraspecific crosses of R. occidentale.
22-044      h.p.   (SM30 x 2406) 05-01 X (SM30 x SM2406) 06-01
22-045      h.p.   (SM30 x 2406) 05-01 X SM104
22-046      h.p.   2406 X 21AI
22-047      h.p.   Howard Slonecker #5 X Tom Tatum's Yellow Standard

Betty Ann Addison, Minnesota USA
22-048      o.p.   brachycarpum "Green as Grass"
22-049      o.p.   Tennis Ball1
22-050      o.p.   Ken Janeck
22-051      o.p.   Ruby Parasol
22-052     com.   Lobelia cardinalis
   1 Tennis Ball = brachycarpum X White Peter

John Heinze, Ohio USA
22-053      h.p.   (Arabia x Cecil Smith #4) X Orange Amber
22-054      h.p.   (Arabia x Cecil Smith #4) X lost tag
22-055      h.p.   Phipps 51 X Cadis
22-056      h.p.   Phipps 51 X (Fabulous Five x Cecil Smith #1)
22-057      h.p.   Phipps 51 X Little Bonnie

Joe Bruso, Massachusetts USA
22-058      c.p.   (adenogynum x pachysanthum) X (pachysanthum x elegantulum)  Goal: foliage
22-059      c.p.   (adenogynum x pachysanthum) X pachysanthum  Goal: foliage
22-060      c.p.   (Arthur J. Ivens x HH)1 X oreodoxa var. fargesii 'Rudy Berg'  Goal: red new growth, round leaves, floriferous
22-061      c.p.   (Arthur J. Ivens x HH)1 X (yak x williamsianum)  Goal: red new growth, round leaves, floriferous
22-062      c.p.   (bureavii x pachysanthum) X Cinnamon Bear  Goal: foliage
22-063      c.p.   (bureavii x pachysanthum) X pachysanthum  Goal: foliage
22-064      c.p.   (degronianum ssp. heptamerum v. kyomaruense x wiltonii) X pachysanthum  Goal: foliage
22-065      c.p.   (Hardy Giant x yuefengense) X (fortunei x huanum)  Goal: large, rounded leaves, large flowers
22-066      c.p.   (Hardy Giant x yuefengense)2 X (yuefengense x platypodum)  Goal: large, round leaves, thick petioles, broader than tall
22-067      c.p.   Minas Grand Pre X oreodoxa var. fargesii 'Rudy Berg'   Goal: round leaves with red new growth
22-068      c.p.   orbiculare var. cardiobasis3 X (yuefengense x platypodum)  Goal: large, rounded leaves
22-069      c.p.   (pachysanthum x argyrophyllum, Blue) X pachysanthum  Goal: foliage
22-070      c.p.   pachysanthum #1 X pachysanthum #2  Goal: both hardy in Zone 5b/6a, rusty indumentum
22-071      c.p.   (pachysanthum x elegantulum) X (yak x pachysanthum)4  Goal: indumented foliage with tomentum
22-072      o.p.   pentaphyllum, clear pink, flat, outward-facing flowers
22-073      c.p.   Percy Wiseman X (Shrimp Girl x Cupcake)5  Goal: peachy/pink/yellow flowers on compact plant
22-074      o.p.   quinquefolium, pure white flowers, picoteed new leaves
22-075      c.p.   (Ruth Davis x elegantulum #1) X pachysanthum  Goal: foliage
22-076      c.p.   (smirnowii x sinofalconeri) X Lorry Roeder6  Goal: big leaves with indumentum
22-077      c.p.   (sutchuenense x strigillosum) X Dexter's Haematodes7  Goal: red flowers
22-078      c.p.   (sutchuenense x strigillosum) X (makinoi x strigillosum)  Goal: red flowers, thin, bristly leaves with indumentum Both parents are red.
22-079      c.p.   (yuefengense x platypodum)8 X Dexters Haematodes7  Goal: rounded leaves, deeper pink/red
   1 HH = Hardy red hybrid of unknown name. Arthur J. Ivens is a williamsianum cross. This plant has colorful new growth and bracts
   2 Large, paddle-shaped leaves with thick petiole, pink blooms, wider than tall.
   3 orbiculare var. cardiobasis - Not true orbiculare, but in subsection Fortunea with blunt-ended oval leaves and large, white fragrant blooms
   4 (yak x pachysanthum) has intense white tomentum, low grower
   5 Very low growing and precocious. Flowers peachy pink. Indumentum
   6 Lorry Roeder = yak x rex
   7 Dexter's Haematodes, a likely haematodes hybrid, has red, waxy flowers
   8 Large, rounded leaves

Robert Zimmerman, Washington USA
22-080      h.p.   baihuaense
22-081      h.p.   huanum
22-082      h.p.   japonicum
22-083      h.p.   liliiflorum
22-084      o.p.   oblongilobatum
22-085      o.p.   oblongilobatum, ex JN
22-086      h.p.   praevernum
22-087      h.p.   pseudochrysanthum
22-088      h.p.   seinghkuense
22-089      h.p.   strigillosum, Baird x UBC
22-090      o.p.   walongense

Lloyd Gilmore, British Columbia Canada
22-091      h.p.   Black Widow X (decorum, Cox 2006 seeding #732 x Dexter's Spice)
22-092      h.p.   [(Jeda x sanguineum var. haemaleum) x Brigadoon] X Black Widow
22-093      h.p.   Kabarett X (decorum x Dexter's Spice)
22-094      h.p.   Kabarett X Purple Embers
22-095      h.p.   (Many Moons x Solid Copper) X (Butter Brickle x Marie Starks)
22-096      h.p.   (Sooke Clouds x sanguineum var. haemaleum) X (Butter Brickle x Marie Starks)

Peter Norris, Massachusetts USA
22-097      h.p.   faithiae X praevernum   very late x very early, faithiae blooms mid-August
22-098      h.p.   faithiae X strigillosum
22-099      h.p.   (fortunei x Martha Phipps) X Tortoiseshell Champagne
22-100      h.p.   Holden's Solar Flair X Yellow Saucer
22-101      h.p.   Magnificat X (yuefengense x Princess Elizabeth)
22-102      h.p.   Mario Pagliarini X Dexter's Vanilla  should be very fragrant
22-103      o.p.   Sky Admiral
22-104      o.p.   Sky Monarch
22-105      h.p.   Tortoiseshell Champagne X yuefengense
22-106      h.p.   Whitestone X Dexter's Orange
22-107      h.p.   yuefengense hybrid X (fortunei x Martha Phipps)
22-108      h.p.   (yuefengense x Red River) X (fortunei x Martha Phipps)
22-109      h.p.   yuefengense hybrid X Royal Purple
22-110      h.p.   (yuefengense x Sally Fuller) X (Dexter's Peppermint x glanduliferum)
22-111      com.   Asclepia incarnata [likes damp] WC, Martha's Vineyard, MA
22-112      com.   Belamcanda chiniensis [lilium vulgare] Leopard Lily
22-113      com.   Lilium martagon [purple-violet flws, 6']
22-114      com.   Illicium 'Woodland Ruby' shrub, twisted, curly red flower petals
22-115      com.   Lobelia cardinalis [Cardinal flower, damp] WC, Martha's Vineyard, MA
22-116      com.   Symplocos paniculata [sapphireberry, shrub w sky blue fall berries]

Mike Stilwell, Virginia USA
22-117      h.p.   (Albert Close x metternichii, Yamata form) X adenopodum
22-118      h.p.   chapmanii X smokianum
22-119      h.p.   {Helen Everet x [(Cadis x Autumn Gold) x Snow Shimmer]} X Bob Furman's Best Yellow
22-120      h.p.   {{[(Janet Blair x decorum) x Evening Glow] x (Yellow Pippin x Autumn Gold)} x (Furman's Yellow, ARS 11-381)} X [(Cadis x Autumn Gold) x decorum]
22-121      h.p.   {{[(Janet Blair x decorum) x Evening Glow] x (Yellow Pippin x Autumn Gold)} x (Furman's Yellow, ARS 11-381)} X (hyperythrum x Unique)
22-122      h.p.   minus, compactum X smokianum
22-123      h.p.   minus, Dun's Mt form X smokianum
22-124      h.p.   (Narcissaflora x calendulaceum) X austrinum
22-125      h.p.   Tripoli X (hyperythrum x Unique)

Ed Reekie, Nova Scotia Canada
22-126      h.p.   vaseyi, ex. White Find

Jeff Thompson, Massachusetts USA
22-127      h.p.   Dorothy Swift X pachysanthum
22-128      h.p.   Dorothy Swift X (pachysanthum x makinoi)
22-129      h.p.   Henry's Red X mallotum
22-130      h.p.   Today and Tomorrow X Cinnamon Bear
22-131      h.p.   Today and Tomorrow X pachysanthum
22-132      h.p.   Today and Tomorrow X (pachysanthum x makinoi)

Connor Ryan, Ohio USA
22-133      c.p.   maximum, Roseum X pachysanthum  Goal: improved vigor, compact form, good foliage
22-134      c.p.   prunifolium, late Pride selection X canescens, Varnadoe's Phylox Pink   Goal: lots of late, fragrant flowers
22-135      c.p.   Red Sea1 X pachysanthum  Goal: compact form, red flowers, good foliage
   1 Red Sea is an unreleased sibling of Leach's Red River.

Lonnie Player, North Carolina USA
22-136      h.p.   Anna Rose Whitney X Very Berry2
22-137      h.p.   Babar1 X (Jean Marie de Montague x Babar1)
22-138      h.p.   Babar1 X Very Berry2
22-139      h.p.   Kaye Player3 X Very Berry2
   1 Registered cross of Cynthia X Nova Zembla - 3x2 triploid
   2 4x2 tetraploid
   3 2x3 triploid

Mike McCullough, California USA
22-140      c.w.   occidentale Cuyamaca 27031, P1
22-141      c.w.   occidentale Cuyamaca 31082, P2
22-142      c.w.   occidentale Mt Tam3
22-143      c.w.   occidentale Mt Tam 26074
22-144      c.w.   occidentale Palomar 1055
22-145      c.w.   occidentale Palomar 13186, P3
   1 2.25" wide white flowers with yellow flare. 18 flower per truss
   2 2.5" wide white flower with yellow flare
   3 Fall red foliage
   4 White and pink candy stripe flowers with yellow flare, pink vertical band through the center. 1 - 14 flowers per truss.
   5 2.5" white flower, orange flare which fades to yellow then white. 10 flower per truss. Thin pink lines run down the center of the petals.
   6 2.5" white flower with yellow flare. Reddish fall foliage.
P1 Photo at:
P2 Photo at:
P3 Photo at:

Sally Perkins, New Hampshire USA
22-146      h.p.   [brachycarpum x (Disca x Cadis)] X Gable's Decorum
22-147      h.p.   brachycarpum ssp. tigerstedii X maximum picotee
22-148      o.p.   Epoch
22-149      o.p.   MacKays Ditch Dweller
22-150      o.p.   maximum, Chimera
22-151      o.p.   maximum, 'Shortoff' (Towe)
22-152      h.p.   minus, ML Webb X Epoch
22-153      o.p.   oreodoxa var. fargesii, 'Rudy Berg'
22-154      o.p.   sanctum
22-155      o.p.   semibarbatum
22-156      o.p.   sutchuense, Giraldii
22-157      h.p.   yakushimanum dwarf X (Helsinki University x Killimanjaro)
22-158      h.p.   yakushimanum dwarf X (Roland P Cary x Jonathan Shaw)

Jaakko Saarinen, Finland
22-159      h.p.   augustinii, blue1
22-160      o.p.   brachycarpum ssp. brachycarpum f. nemotoanum2
22-161      o.p.   sichotense3
   1 cross-pollinated vice-versa between Electra and Caerulean Mist, both in Mustila greenhouse
   2 "double" form with petaloid stamens, Arboretum Mustila
   3 cultivated in Haapola Arboretum, open-pollinated but isolated from other lepidotes. A rarely-cultivated species related to R. mucronulatum and R. dauricum, native to eastern slopes of Sikhote Alin mountains in Russian Far East.

Tomasz Cyba, Poland
22-162      h.p.   decorum, Esveld X Edward Dunn
22-163      h.p.   Dotella X arboreum, CSRG 1
22-164      h.p.   Odessa X arboreum, CSRG 1
   1 red flowered arboreum from Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden (Portland, OR), pollen collected in a private garden in Fort Bragg, CA

Richard Flavell, Connecticut USA
22-165      h.p.   anhwiense #1 X anhwiense #2  Notes: Both parents from RSBG plants
22-166      h.p.   Babylon X (fortunei, Lu Shan X huanum, RSF)  Goals: foliage, pink - purple large flowers
22-167      h.p.   Brown Eyes X (hyperythrum x yuefengense)  Goal: heat tolerant Dexter hybrid
22-168      h.p.   fortunei ssp. discolor X (hyperythrum x yuefengense)  Goal: large light pink – purple flowers
22-169      h.p.   Francesca X arboreum (double red flowers)  Goals: hardy, double red
22-170      h.p.   Francesca X (hyperythrum x yuefengense)  Goals: hardy, heat tolerant, pink – red
22-171      h.p.   hemsleyanum #1 X hemsleyanum #3  Goals: large leaf species both parents from RSBG seed
22-172      h.p.   hemsleyanum #1 X (hyperythrum x yuefengense)  Goals: heat tolerant, large leaf hybrid
22-173      h.p.   hemsleyanum #1 X yuefengense #2  Goal: foliage
22-174      h.p.   (hyperythrum x yuefengense) X Kathy Bones  Goals: heat tolerant large leaf hybrid
22-175      h.p.   (hyperythrum x yuefengense) X pachysanthum  Goals: heat tolerant, pink flower, small foliage
22-176      h.p.   (hyperythrum x yuefengense) X rex, RSBG  Goals: heat tolerant large leaf hybrid
22-177      h.p.   Jersey Mammoth X (yakushimanum x falconeri)  Goals: hardy, yellow, big leaf hybrid. Cross by Ron Rabideau
22-178      h.p.   March Madness X (fortunei, Lu Shan x huanum, RSF)  Goals: large light pink – purple flowers, early flowering
22-179      h.p.   (smirnowii x sinogrande) X [(catawbiense var. album x yakushimanum) x macabeanum]  Goals: hardy, yellow, big leaf hybrid
22-180      h.p.   (smirnowii x sinogrande) X Jersey Mammoth  Goals: hardy, yellow, big leaf hybrid
22-181      h.p.   (smirnowii x sinogrande) X Laramie  Goals: hardy, yellow, big leaf hybrid
22-182      h.p.   (smirnowii x sinogrande) X (yakushimanum x falconeri)  Goals: hardy, yellow, big leaf hybrid
22-183      h.p.   yuefengense X Jersey Mammoth  Goals: hardy, yellow, big leaf hybrid, after more crosses
22-184      h.p.   yuefengense #1 X yuefengense #2  both parents RSBG plants

Michael Creel, South Carolina, USA
22-185      o.p.   chapmani1, selfed
22-186      o.p.   maximum, Cliff of Glassy2
22-187      o.p.   minus Carolinianum Group3, selfed
22-188      o.p.   minus4, selfed
  1 Pure chapmanii due to location and time. Isolated from all other evergreen rhododendrons.
  2 Group of seedlings isolated from other evergreen rhododendrons. Produces pure seed. Pink flower.
  3 Pure white. No evergreen rhodies near this plant and none blooming at the same time.
  4 Light pink. Earlier bloom than other coastal zone minuses.

Ray Clack, Oregon, USA
22-189      com.   Camas quamashP1
22-190      com.   Cyclamen hederifoliumP2
22-191      com.   Trillium albidum ssp. parviflorumP3
   All plants were collected in the wild.
P1 Photo at:
P2 Photo at:
P3 Photo at:

Ron Rabideau, New Jersey, USA
22-192      h.p.   {Ada Lohr x [Pacific Gold x (Dumper's yellow fortunei x Phipps Yellow 32)]} X Jersey Mammoth    goal: hardy yellow with large leaves
22-193      h.p.   denudatum X Jersey Mammoth    goal: large leaves with textured foliage. denudatum has impressed veins
22-194      o.p.   Jersey Mammoth    notes: hardy, large leaves
22-195      h.p.   Jersey Mammoth X Scotian Sovereign    goal: hardy, large leaves
22-196      o.p.   maximum, curly leaf form    notes: aka Hessii or Leachii. Curly leaves, compact habit, almost yak-like, round flower buds.

Sally Jones, Juniper Level Botanic Garden, North Carolina, USA
All entries are Pentanthera/deciduous except 198 which is a lepidote.
22-197      o.p.   Aromi Sunny Side Up
22-198      o.p.   Banana Boat
22-199      o.p.   canescens 02
22-200      o.p.   canescens 04
22-201      o.p.   canescens 06
22-202      o.p.   canescens 07
22-203      o.p.   canescens 013
22-204      o.p.   colemanii
22-205      o.p.   Escambia River 01
22-206      o.p.   Escambia River 02
22-207      o.p.   Frontier Gold
22-208      o.p.   Great Balls of Fire
22-209      o.p.   Honeybee Hobnob
22-210      o.p.   Julius Kingsley
22-211      o.p.   Marilyn Jeanne
22-212      o.p.   Pink Carousel
22-213      o.p.   Temples Toy


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