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Seed Exchange Lots for 2018

h.p.  - Hand pollinated seeds.
c.p.  - Controlled pollination. (Stigma covered after pollination)
o.p.  - Open pollination.
c.w. - Collected in the wild.
comp. - Companion plants.

Lots marked with strikethrough are "sold out".

George K. McLellan, Virginia USA
18-1      c.w.   calendulaceum, Engine Gap at Roan Mountain Tennessee
18-2      c.w.   calendulaceum, Highland Glade Tennessee
18-3      c.w.   calendulaceum, Little Yellow, Roan Mountain Tennessee
18-4      c.w.   calendulaceum, Hooper Bald, North Carolina
18-5      c.w.   calendulaceum
18-6      c.w.   arborescens, Wine Spring Bald, Macon County N.C.
18-7      c.w.   maximum, Buck Mountain N.C.
18-8      c.w.   viscosum, Montanum Group. Frying Pan Gap, Blue Ridge Parkway, N.C.
18-9      c.w.   catawbiense, Round Bald, Carvers Gap Tennessee
18-10    c.w.   catawbiense, Wilburn Ridge, Virginia

Werner Brack, Long Island New York, USA
18-11    h.p.   'Kristen Marie' X 'Voluptuous'
18-12    o.p.   'Golfer'
18-13    o.p.   'Stony Brook'

Johnny Svensson, Sweden
18-14    c.p.   [(aureum x 'Prelude') x viscidifolium] X proteoides
18-15    c.p.   (campanulatum ssp. aeruginosum x proteoides) X uvarifolium, KGB 558
18-16    c.p.   (dichroanthum ssp. apodectum x yakushimanum) X proteoides
18-17    c.p.   ('Glendoick Velvet' x proteoides) X rex ssp. rex
18-18    c.p.   ('Hello Dolly' x aureum) X (aureum x 'Gillian GP'1)
18-19    c.p.   ('Teddy Bear' x 'China') X macabeanum
18-20    c.p.   ('Titan Beauty' x proteoides) X glischroides
18-21    c.p.   (wiltonii x bureavii) X glischroides
18-22    c.p.   bureavii c.w.2 X macabeanum
18-23    c.p.   bureavii X rex ssp. rex
18-24    c.p.   'Hotei' X neriiflorum
18-25    c.p.   'Hotei' X glischroides
18-26    c.p.   'Hotei' X macabeanum
18-27    c.p.   orbiculare X macabeanum
18-28    c.p.   smirnowii X glischroides
18-29    c.p.   'Skookum' X rex ssp. rex
18-30    c.p.   wardii, KGB 778 X thomsonii, Milde
18-31    c.p.   wardii, KGB 778 X macabeanum
18-32    c.p.   wardii, KGB 778 X Golden Coach Milde
18-33    c.p.   wardii, Cox X macabeanum
18-34    c.p.   wiltonii X glischroides
18-35    c.p.   wiltonii X neriiflorum
18-36    c.p.   yakushimanum X rex ssp. rex
18-37    c.p.   yakushimanum X thomsonii, Milde
  1 Gillian Gp = campylocarpum ssp. campylocarpum x griffithianum
  2 Svend Hansen

JRS Seed Exchange, Eizi Yoshimura, Japan
18-38    o.p.   hyperythrum, pink
18-39    c.w.   makinoi, pink, Mt. Horaizi, Japan
18-40    c.w.   brachycarpum, pink, Mt. Hakkoda (700 m.)

Norman Beaudry, Maryland USA
18-41    h.p.   (maximum x 'Sir Charles Lemon') X sinofalconeri, RSBG 2000/188
18-42    h.p.   (maximum x 'Sir Charles Lemon') X rex ssp. rex, RSBG 98/353
18-43    h.p.   (maximum x calophytum) X rex ssp. fictolacteum, RSBG 77/417
18-44    h.p.   (maximum x calophytum) X yuefengense, RSBG 08/387
18-45    h.p.   (maximum x calophytum) X arizelum, RSBG 76/322
18-46    h.p.   (maximum x calophytum) X asterochnoum, RSBG 98/680
18-47    h.p.   Withdrawn, Poor Germination
18-48    h.p.   'Hardy Giant' X hodgsonii, sd527
18-49    h.p.   'Dexter's Honeydew' X 'Blazing Grace'
18-50    h.p.   'Don Kellam' (Cowles) X 'Orange Amber' (Barlup)
18-51    h.p.   'Bob Furman Big Yellow' X 'Simply Sunny'
18-52    h.p.   Laurelwood 'Persimmon' X 'Bob Furman Big Yellow'
18-53    comp.   Dipelta floribunda (Rosy dipelta)
18-54    h.p.   (maximum x calophytum) X sinofalconeri, RSBG 2000/188

Betty Ann Addison, Minnesota, USA
18-55    h.p.   'Janet Blair' X 'Trinity'
18-56    o.p.   'Visiting Angels' X 'Janet Blair'

Toyoji Ishizaki, Gunma, Japan
18-57    o.p.   japonicum
18-58    o.p.   kaempferi

Charles S. Hunter, Georgia USA
18-59    o.p.   arborescens, var. Georgiana (isolated). Original plant from Meriwether County, GA
18-60    o.p.   atlanticum Original plant from Delmarva, PA eastern Maryland
18-61    o.p.   maximum  Parent plant from N. GA - southern part of its range.

George Woodard, New York, USA
18-62    h.p.   ['Offshoot' x ('Phipps #32' x 'Viennese Waltz')] X {['Wine Fuschia' x ('Erchless' x 'Purple Splendour') x 'Anna Krutchke'] x 'Black Widow'} 30+ flowers checking
18-63    h.p.   {{[('Apricot Fantasy' x 'Bud's Yellow') x ('Brasilia' x 'Viennese Waltz')] x 'Virginia Delp']} x {[('Apricot Fantasy' x 'Bud's Yellow') x ('Brasilia' x 'Viennese Waltz')] x [('Offshoot' x 'Capistrano')]} X 'Horizon'
18-64    h.p.   'Diana Marguerite' x {[('Apricot Fantasy ' x 'Bud's Yellow') x 'Brasilia' x 'Viennese Waltz') x ('Offshoot' x 'Capistrano')} X 'Horizon Lakeside'
18-65    h.p.   'Mrs. Howard Phipps' X 'Hachmann's Marenga'
18-66    h.p.   'Red River' x 'Maxine Margaret' X {['Wine Fuschia' x ('Erchless' x 'Purple Splendour') x 'Anna Kruschke'] x 'Black Widow'} 30+ flowers
18-67    h.p.   ('Fantastica' x 'Jan Bee') X {['Wine Fuschia' x ('Erchless' x 'Purple Splendour') x 'Anna Kruschke'] x 'Black Widow'} 30+ flowers
18-68    h.p.   'Mrs. Howard Phipps' X 'Hachmann's Melancholie'
18-69    h.p.   ('Apricot Fantasy' x 'Snow's Red') X 'Hachmann's Melancholie'
18-70    h.p.   ('Apricot Fantasy' x 'Snow's Red') X (Hachmann's Cherry Kiss')
18-71    h.p.   ('Fantastica' x 'Jan Bee') X ('Cherries and Merlot') Fujioka
18-72    h.p.   ('Cherries and Merlot') Fujioka X [yakushimanum x (haemaleum x proteoides)]
18-73    h.p.   ('Cherries and Merlot' ) X {['Wine Fuschia' x ('Erchless' x 'Purple Splendour')] x ['Anna Kruschke' X 'Black Widow']} 30+ flowers
18-74    h.p.   'Mrs. Howard Phipps' X ('Apricot Fantasy' x 'Snow's Red')

Jack Looye, Ontario, Canada
18-75    h.p   Solar Music1, P1 X 'Dead Ringer'
18-76    h.p.   'Capistrano' X {[('R.O. Delp' x 'Golden Star') x 'Mezzit's Hardy Yellow')] x ['Golden Horse Shoe'2 x ('Sandy Petruso' x 'September Song')]}
18-77    h.p.   ('Joanne Newsome' x 'Casanova') X ('Sandra Hinton' x 'Yellow Stone') #1-17
18-78    h.p.   ('Sandra Hinton' x 'Yellow Stone') X ('Golden Horse Shoe'2 x peach sib.)
18-79    h.p.   [('Delp's Dream' x (V-6609 x 'Fiery Orange') #1-17] X {['Golden Horse Shoe' x ('R.O. Delp' x 'Sunsheen')] x (V-6609 x 'Fiery Orange') #2-17]}
18-80    h.p.   ('Sandra Hinton' x 'Yellow Stone' #3-17) X ('Golden Horse Shoe'2 x 'Yellow Stone #8-17)   Orange
18-81    h.p.   ('Golden Horse Shoe'2 x 'Yellowstone #4-17) X 'Blazing Grace'
18-82    h.p.   brachycarpum var. tigerstedtii X sinofalconeri
18-83    h.p.   'Anna H. Hall' X 'Spatter Paint'
18-84    h.p.   [(yakushimanum x Goldkrone) x 'Delp's Dream'] X 'Shrimp Girl'
18-85    h.p.   'Golden Horse Shoe'2 X ('Sandra Hinton' x 'Yellow Stone')
  P1 Photo at:
  1 'Solar Music' = 'Golden Horse Shoe' X [('R.O. Delp' X 'Delp's Sunsheen') X (V. 6609 X 'Fiery Orange')]   A good yellow with 3½ flowers that last a long time, and a bronze to green flair.
  2 'Golden Horse Shoe' = 'Papaya Punch' X 'Casanova'

Chris Trautmann, Oregon USA
18-86    h.p.   Over The Top1 X 'Bodacious'3
18-87    h.p.   Chi-Town Hustler2 X 'Cayenne'
18-88    h.p.   Brainiac1 X 'Bodacious'3
18-89    h.p.   Roxymusic, selfed
  1 Over The Top + Brainiac are: 'Killer Diller' x 'Avery'
  2 Chi-Town Hustler= 'Naselle' X 'Red Gold'
  3 'Bodacious' =('Ring of Fire' X ' Lem's Cameo') X '1000 Butterflies'

Bruce Clyburn, Nova Scotia, Canada
18-90    h.p.   ('Mikkeli' x rex ssp. fictolacteum) X sinofalconeri, RSF 00/188
18-91    h.p.   ('Mikkeli' x rex ssp. fictolacteum) X [(yakushimanum x lacteum) x (yakushimanum x macabeanum)]
18-92    h.p.   Withdrawn, Poor Germination
18-93    h.p.   Withdrawn, Poor Germination
18-94    h.p.   'Blazen Sun' X 'Blazing Grace'
18-95    h.p.   (maximum x macabeanum) X [(yakushimanum x lacteum) x (yakushimanum x macabeanum)]
18-96    h.p.   (yakushimanum x rex ssp. fictolacteum) X [(smirnowii x yakushimanum) x rex]
18-97    h.p.   ('Russell Harmon' x rex) X rex ssp. fictolacteum, RSF 99/173
18-98    h.p.   'Summer Snow' X 'Summer Summit'
18-99    h.p.   'Whitestone' X brachycarpum var. tigerstedtii

Kristian Theqvist, Finland
18-100    h.p.   'Merja' X 'Böhmen'
18-101    h.p.   PMABlueB-02 X 'Olin O. Dobbs'
18-102    h.p.   maximum, red form X smirnowii
18-103    h.p.   'Kristian's Sunshine' X Kristian's Moonlight'
18-104    h.p.   'Kyllikki' X 'Merja'

Oliver, Michael, Oregon USA
All seeds are intraspecific crosses of R. occidentale, the Western Azalea.
18-105    h.p.   TTYS X 2406
18-106    h.p.   (SM30 X 2406)05-1 X (SM30 X 2406)06-1
18-107    h.p.   (SM189 SM232)15 X 2406
18-108    h.p.   (SM189 X SM232)15 X (SM30 X 2406)05-1
18-109    h.p.   (SM189 X SM232)10 X (SM189 X SM232)15
18-110    h.p.   HS #5 X SM30
  1 TTYS is Tom Tatum Yellow Standard, which has an almost all-yellow standard and lots of yellow on the adjacent petals. 2406 is from near Gold Beach OR and has yellow on all five petals and lots of pink in the flower. The goal of the cross is to obtain a flower with lots of yellow and pink.
  2 SM30 is a Smith-Mossman find with a lot of yellow on each of the five petals. 2406 has a lot of pink and some yellow on all five petals. This cross has produced plants with a lot of yellow and pink on each of the five petals. This is a second generation cross to produce a flower with more yellow and pink.
  3 SM189 XSM232 is a cross made by Dick Cavender. SM189 has large flowers for an occidentale and SM232 has very colorful frilly flowers. (SM 189 X SM232)15 is a good selection from this cross. The aim of this cross is to produce flowers that have the best features of this cross and 2406.
  4 The goal of this cross is to produce a more colorful (pink and yellow) form of the seed parent.
  5 This is a second generation cross of SM189 and SM232. The goal is an even nicer form of the first generation cross.
  6 HS #5 has some yellow on all five petals. SM30 has the most yellow of any flowers found in the wild. The goal of the cross is a flower with even more yellow on all five petals.

Joe Bruso, Massachusetts USA
18-111    h.p.   (bureavii x maximum) X sinogrande
18-112    h.p.   (bureavii x pachysanthum) X elegantulum, 2017JPB
18-113    h.p.   (bureavii x pachysanthum) X 'Golfer'
18-114    h.p.   (bureavii x pachysanthum) X rex, 2016RSF98/353
18-115    h.p.   (degronianum ssp. heptamerum x maximum) X calophytum
18-116    h.p.   (degronianum ssp. heptamerum x maximum) X (yakushimanum x rex), Newcomb/ Flavell
18-117    h.p.   elegantulum X (yakushimanum x falconeri), Flavell
18-118    h.p.   'Finlandia' X yuefengense, 2014RSF78/04
18-119    h.p.   (fortunei, Springarns x anwheiense) X 'Pink Impressions' Goal: Tropical yellow, orange pink flowers
18-120    h.p.   'Golfer' X pachysanthum, 2015RSF82/040 Goal: Compact plant with white tomentum
18-121    h.p.   'Janet Blair' x rex ssp. rex, 2016RSF98/353 Goal: Larger leaves, indumentum, some attractive flowers
18-122    h.p.   (makinoi x pachysanthum) X 'Golfer'
18-123    h.p.   [(makinoi x yakushimanum, K. Wada) x 'Golfer'] X sinogrande, 2016RSF82/040
18-124    h.p.   maximum Mt. Mitchell seedling. X sinogrande, 2016RSF82/040
18-125    h.p.   ['Nepal' x (fortunei x rex ssp. fictolacteum)] X arizelum, 2016 RSF32/040 Goal: Big indumented leaves, large plants
18-126    h.p.   ['Nepal' x (fortunei x rex ssp. fictolacteum)] X falconeri,2016 RSF75/250 Goal: Big indumented leaves, large plants
18-127    h.p.   ['Nepal' x (fortunei x rex ssp. fictolacteum)] X macabeanum, Bones #1 Trautmann Goal: Big leaves and plants, larger, light yellow flowers
18-128    h.p.   ['Nepal' x (fortunei x rex ssp. fictolacteum)] X sinogrande, 201RSF832/040
18-129    h.p.   ['Nepal' x (fortunei x rex ssp. fictolacteum)] X (yakushimanum x rex) Flavell Goal: Big, indumented leaves, large plants, for colder areas
18-130    h.p.   (yakushimanum x  ) X praestans, 2016RSF95/185 Goal: Attractive foliage, large leaves
18-131    h.p.   (yakushimanum x ririei) X (pachysanthum x argyrophyllum)

Peter Norris, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts USA
18-132    o.p.   decorum ssp. cordatum
18-133    o.p.   'Shaker Sunrise'
18-134    o.p.   'Peach Petticoat'
18-135    h.p.   'Scintillation' X hemsleyanum
18-136    o.p.   'Dexter's 'Peppermint'
18-137    h.p.   'Dexter's Champagne' X 'Jean Marie'
18-138    h.p.   'Whitestone' X 'Dexter's Vanilla'
18-139    h.p.   'Whitestone' X 'Dexter's Honeydew'
18-140    h.p.   auriculatum X yuefengense
18-141    o.p.   ['Midsummer' x Red Max] X fortunei ssp. discolor
18-142    h.p.   Hardgrove x luteum [azaleodendron]
18-143    h.p.   fortunei ssp. discolor X 'Old Copper'
18-144    o.p.   fortunei X 'Mary Phipps'
18-145    o.p.   yuefengense X 'Sally Fuller'
18-146    o.p.   yuefengense X fortunei
18-147    o.p.   yuefengense X platypodum

Michael Creel, South Carolina USA
18-148    o.p.   atlanticum 'Gold Coast', light yellow, compact
18-149    o.p.   austrinum X atlanticum, Fred Galle Choice Cream
18-150    h.p.   austrinum X atlanticum, Fred Galle Choice Cream, selfed
18-151    o.p.   'Exbury Hotspur' X austrinum, large pure yellow, Anita Keummels garden
18-152    o.p.   austrinum, 'Glory Girl' yellow, Rosa Cottingham Garden, Effingham, SC
18-153    o.p.   flammeum, 'Red Bank', in pure stand
18-154    o.p.   flammeum, 'Back Trail Tri-color', isolated
18-155    o.p.   flammeum, 'Pink Marbles', round buds LIMITED
18-156    o.p.   canescens, 'JeanE' selfs, all white offspring
18-157    h.p.   minus, Early Minus, selfed, light pink, Plant from Conecuh River, Covington County, Alabama
18-158    o.p.   chapmanii, isolated, from pink and white group
18-159    o.p.   'Aromi Glory Be', very large yellow, Lemonade and Rushin's austrinum blooming nearby
18-160    o.p.   maximum, Cliffs of Glassy, isolated, nature trail, chestnut ridge near Landrum, SC, Greenville County
18-161    comp.   Stewartii malacodendron, Crane Creek, Richland County, SC
18-162    comp.   Bejaria racemosa (Florida Tarflower)

Mike Stilwell, Virginia USA
18-163    o.p.   atlanticum, selected form, white flowers, red stems, blue-green foliage
18-164    h.p.   ['Helen Everitt' x ('Cadis' x 'Autumn Gold')] X [('Janet Blair' x yellow decorum) x ('Yellow Pippen' x 'Autumn Gold')] 2016
18-165    h.p.   {[('Cadis' x 'Autumn Gold') x Yellow decorum] x( hyperythrum x 'Unique')} X [('Janet Blair' x yellow decorum) x('Yellow Pippin' x 'Autumn Gold')]
18-166    h.p.   ('Dexter's Orange' x 'Glenolden') X {[('Cadis x 'Autumn Gold') x yellow decorum] x (hyperythrum x 'Unique')}
18-167    h.p.   (CDO x 'Whitney's Late Orange') X {[(Cadis x Autumn Gold) x yellow decorum] x (hyperythrum x 'Unique')}
18-168    h.p.   ['Helen Everitt' x ('Cadis' x 'Autumn Gold')] X catawbiense

Richard Murcott, LI, New York USA
18-169    h.p.   schlippenbachii, Alba, selfed
18-170    h.p.   Carolina alba, (R. carolinianum) selfed

 Hans Eiberg, Denmark
18-171    o.p.   pseudchrysanthum1, leaf not acute
18-172    o.p.   pseudchrysanthum2, red flower (P.S.)
18-173    o.p.   ziyuanense3
18-174    o.p.   pentaphyllum, 2x
18-175    o.p.   luteum4, orange
18-176    o.p.   reticulatum5, white

Jim Barlup, Washington State USA
18-177    h.p.   'Amber Sun' x 'Fashion Plate
18-178    h.p.   'Copper Canyon' x 'Fashion Plate'
18-179    h.p.   'Copper Canyon' x 'Skipper'
18-180    h.p.   'Golden Mist' x 'Blazing Grace'
18-181    h.p.   'Golden Mist' x 'Fashion Plate'
18-182    h.p.   'Mary Abair'1,P1 x 'Fashion Plate'
18-183    h.p.   'Orange Amber' x 'Blazing Grace'
18-184    h.p.   'Orange Amber' x 'Fashion Plate'
18-185    h.p.   'Orange Amber' x 'Mac's Orange Crush'
18-186    h.p.   'Orange Amber' x 'Mary Abair'1, P1
18-187    h.p.   'Orange Amber' x 'Skipper'
18-188    h.p.   'Orange Amber' x 'Sun Blossom'
18-189    h.p.   'Speckled Honey' x 'Blazing Grace'
18-190    h.p.   'Speckled Honey' x 'Fashion Plate'
18-191    h.p.   'Speckled Honey' x 'Mac's Orange Crush'
18-192    h.p.   'Speckled Honey' x 'Orange Amber'
18-193    h.p.   'Speckled Honey' x 'Plum Passion'
18-194    h.p.   'Speckled Honey' x 'Sandra Hinton'
18-195    h.p.   'Speckled Honey' x ['Sandra Hinton' x 'Casanova']
18-196    h.p.   'Speckled Honey' x 'Skipper'
18-197    h.p.   'Tangerine Charm' x 'Blazing Grace'
18-198    h.p.   'Wild Ginger' x 'Blazing Grace'
18-199    h.p.   'Wild Ginger' x 'Orange Amber'
  P1 Photo at:
  1'Mary Abair' parentage (Jim Barlup):  'Golden Mist' X 'Orange Crush'

Mike O'Hara, Pennsylvania USA
18-200    h.p.   ('September Song' x 'Janet Blair') X 'Skipper'
18-201    h.p.   ('September Song' x 'Janet Blair') X 'Whid Bee'
18-202    h.p.   'Always Admired' X 'Skipper'
18-203    h.p.   Bohle's Spatleese X 'Plum Passion'
18-204    h.p.   Bohle's Spatleese X 'Whid Bee'
18-205    h.p.   'Francesca' X. 'Whid Bee'

John Weagle, Nova Scotia, Canada
18-206    o.p.   mucronulatum var. taquetii, comes true 25% or better
18-206A    o.p.   mucronulatum (Woodland Pink x Cornell Pink)P1
18-207    h.p.   (brachycarpum, Roseum Group x sanguineum ssp. didymium) X yuefengense, RSBG 248sdP2 2006 Goal: late flowering, round foliage, intense colour.
18-208    h.p.   (brachycarpum, Roseum Group x yuefengense, RSBG 248sd 2006 Goal: round foliage, late flowering, very dwarf
18-209    o.p.   (brachycarpum, 'Tony Law' X rex ssp. fictolacteum) (likely selfed)
  P1 Photo at:
  P2 Photo at:

Walter Ostrom Nova Scotia, Canada
18-210    h.p.   brachycarpum, roseum X yuefengense
18-211    h.p.   yuefengense X oreodoxa
18-212    h.p.   yuefengense, selfed
18-213    h.p.   yuefengense X williamsianum
18-214    h.p.   Grand Pre X oreodoxa
18-215    h.p.   Grand Pre X williamsianum
18-216    h.p.   williamsianum X oreodoxa
18-217    h.p.   canadense, Alba isolated

Marc Colombel, France
18-218    h.p.   1209C1 X 1212M2
  1 Phyllis Korn X 0822C3
  2 Rwain X L'Engin
  3 Rwain X L'Engin
Rwain and L'Engin are registered
1209C => tested pentaploid
1212M => tested tetraploid
1209C =>
1212M =>

Alan Anderson, Scotland
species rhododendrons - h.p. from 2 different clones
18-219    h.p.   ambiguum, W4252
18-220    h.p.   arboreum, DF86023 (late flowering, good indumentum and red flowers)
18-221    h.p.   asterochnoum, CH7051
18-222    h.p.   bureavii, CH7158A
18-223    h.p.   bureavii, CNW1055
18-224    h.p   callimorphum
18-225    h.p.   campanulatum, SSW9106 (selfed, but germinates well)
18-226    h.p.   campylocarpum, CHM3024
18-227    h.p.   ciliatum, EN571
18-228    h.p.   coeloneuron, EN4029
18-229    h.p.   concinnum, CH7025
18-230    h.p.   cyanocarpum, EN2458
18-231    h.p.   cyanocarpum, SBEC0971 (fairly vigorous/tall growing)
18-232    h.p.   decorum, CHM2619
18-233    h.p.   decorum, SBEC1060
18-234    h.p.   decorum ssp. diaprepes, CLD1283 (?red petioles)
18-235    h.p.   degronianum ssp. heptamerum var. kyomaruense
18-236    h.p.   denudatum, CH7012
18-237    h.p.   dichroanthum ssp. septentrionale, JN757
18-238    h.p.   flinckii, CHM3136 x CHM3080
18-239    h.p.   fulvum
18-240    h.p.   glaucophyllum, BLM315 (white)
18-241    h.p.   hyperythrum (white)
18-242    h.p.   keysii, KR954
18-243    h.p.   lutescens, C5022
18-244    h.p.   moupinense, CEE140 (white)
18-245    h.p.   oreotrephes, CCu9440
18-246    h.p.   ponticum, ACH205
18-247    h.p.   rubiginosum, Yu4703
18-248    h.p.   schlippenbachii, "Sid's Royal Pink" (selfed but germinates well)
18-249    h.p.   sikangense var. exquisetum, CNW927
18-250    h.p.   souliei, C6144
18-251    h.p.   taliense, SBEC0583
18-252    h.p.   thomsonii, McB1279
18-253    h.p.   trichanthum (dark purple)
18-254    h.p.   triflorum, KW6409
18-255    h.p.   valentinioides, CH7186
18-256    h.p.   wallichii, KR1051
18-257    h.p.   wardii, R25391
18-258    h.p.   wiltonii, C6150
18-259    h.p.   yunnanense, JN965
18-260    comp.   Lilium mackliniae
18-261    h.p.   annae
18-262    h.p.   campanulatum, CHM2024
18-263    h.p.   oligocarpum, Guiz148
18-264    h.p.   prattii, C5030
18-265    h.p.   selense ssp. jucundum, SBEC0544
18-266    h.p.   wallichii, McB1235

Rosemary Hartman, Oregon USA
18-267    h.p.   praestans
18-268    h.p.   megeratum X self
18-269    h.p.   'Harvest Moon' X seedling 2050 Large yellow with deep yellow eye, ruffled petals and petaloid centers.
18-270    comp.   Candelabra Primrose, mixed colors
18-271    comp.   Variegated Candelabra Primrose
18-272    comp.   Penstemon, white tipped lavender, tall

John Heinze, Ohio
18-273    h.p.   'Capistrano' X 'Sunset Dancer'
18-274    h.p.   'Slippery Rock' X fortunei, pink
18-275    h.p.   'R.O. Delp' X 'Sunset Dancer'
18-276    h.p.   ''Austin's Gold' X 'Orange Amber'
18-277    h.p.   ('Arabia' X CS4 #2) X 'Sunset Dancer (hardy orange)
18-278    h.p.   ('Arabia' X CS4 #2) X 'Orange Amber'

Steve Cunliffe, New Hampshire, USA
18-279    o.p.   'Four Kings' (Aromi) Azalea
18-280    o.p.   'Sunny Side Up' (Aromi) Azalea
18-281    o.p.   [atlanticum, 'Canobie Coocheecoo' (4x) X 'Fragrant Star' (8x)] Perkins
18-282    o.p.   [calendulaceum, Skinner 166 (4x) X calendulaceum, 'Smokey Mountaineer' (4x) Perkins
18-283    o.p.   [austrinum, 'My Mary' (4x) X 'Fragrant Star' (8x)] Perkins

Erhard Moser, Germany
18-284    h.p.   eclecteum, yellow, selfed
18-285    o.p.   pachysanthum, (isolated plant)
18-286    o.p.   pallescens
18-287    o.p.   planetum
18-288    o.p.   purdomii ex. Qinling Mts, NW China
18-289    h.p.   yakushimanum x smirnowii
18-290    o.p.   forrestii x aureum (orange red)
18-291    comp.   Hosta, Francis Williams
18-292    comp.   Meum athamanticum Hirtstein/Erzgeb. 890 m.
18-293    comp.   Smyrnium perfoliatum

Michael Creel (II) South Carolina USA
18-294    o.p.   canescens, late one
18-295    o.p.   flammeum, red

Karel Bernady, Pennsylvania USA
18-296    c.w.   canadense, October, 2017, Monroe County, PA; collected from a plant population
18-297    c.w.   prinophyllum, October, 2017, Monroe County, PA; collected from a plant population

Joe Coleman Georgia USA
18-298    o.p.   arborescens
18-299    o.p.   serrulatum
18-300    o.p.   prunifolium, Charlie Andrews
18-301    o.p.   arborescens
18-302    o.p.   amagianum
18-303    o.p.   austrinum, gold
18-304    o.p.   prunifolium, reddish
18-305    o.p.   'Ed Egan', Earl Summerville
18-306    o.p.   prunifolium
18-307    o.p.   prunifolium, s.p., Coleman
18-308    o.p.   calendulaceum X austrinum, Sommerville
18-309    o.p.   Sommerville #400
18-310    o.p.   calendulaceum, Hooper Bald
18-311    o.p.   calendulaceum, Hooper Bald
18-312    o.p.   Choice Cream
18-313    o.p.   unknown, Biltmore Estate

Robert Zimmerman, Washington State, USA
18-314    h.p.   dendrocharis
18-315    h.p.   calophytum
18-316    h.p.   macabeanum, ex AC 5559
18-317    h.p.   moupinense, redder forms sibbed
18-318    h.p.   strigillosum

Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden, Washington State USA
18-319    h.p.   lanatoides, pond x 08/447
18-320    h.p.   lanatoides, pond x 08/439
18-321    h.p.   ririei, 1965/454 x 1975/013
18-322    h.p.   albrechtii, ex. 2002/495
18-323    h.p.   schlippenbachii, ex.1980/163
18-324    h.p.   sherriffii, 1976/155 x 1976/237
18-325    h.p.   granduliferum, 1998/626 x 1998/483
18-326    h.p.   argipeplum, 2001/225x 2001/200
18-327    h.p.   fortunei, RSF#4628
18-328    h.p.   calophytum, RSF#4407
18-329    h.p.   makinoi, RSF#4626
18-330    h.p.   sutchuenense, RSF#4404
18-331    h.p.   aberconwayi, RSF#4350
18-332    h.p.   semibarbatum, RSF#4370
18-333    h.p.   rex ssp. fictolacteum, SF#4602
18-334    h.p.   thomsonii, RSF#4258
18-335    h.p.   huanum, RSF#4606
18-336    h.p.   edgeworthii
18-337    h.p.   camtschaticum, RSF#4647
18-338    h.p.   rothschildii, RSF#4549
18-339    h.p.   wardii, RSF#4610
18-340    h.p.   fortunei ssp. discolor, RSF#4495N
18-341    h.p.   calophytum, RSF#4386
18-342    h.p.   williamsianum, RSF#4611
18-343    h.p.   asterochnoum, RSF#4255

Mike McCullough, California USA
18-344    c.w.   columbianum, From Sea Ranch, Sonoma County in the area of 38.751887,-123.513360.
18-345    c.w.   occidentale, AO 2. Discovered by Cam Ainsworth and Howard Oliver at Big Basin Redwoods State Park. A large plant with white flowers, yellow flare, and a pink tube.
18-346    c.w.   occidentale, Big Basin 602 Big Basin Redwoods State Park, Santa Cruz County. 2⅜" white flowers, pink tube, and an orange flare, the orange sometimes spreads to adjoining petals.
18-347    c.w.   occidentale, Big Basin 1004 Big Basin Redwoods State Park, Santa Cruz County. White flower, some pink on tube, and an orange flare with a slight yellow spill over on adjoining petals. Some flowers have pink rays extending the length of the petal from the pink tube.
18-348    c.w.   occidentale, Big Basin 2802 Big Basin Redwoods State Park, Santa Cruz County. White 2½" wide flowers, a yellow flare on the upper petal, with a vertical white line running the length of the flare. Pink ¾ inch tube, with pink lines running the length of the outside of the 1½ inch long petal.
18-349    c.w.   occidentale, Flynn Creek 1903, Flynn Creek, Mendocino County. 2½" pink and white candy stripe, pink ½ in. tube, orange flare. Pistol and stamens are white.
18-350    c.w.   occidentale, Low Divide 1303, Six Rivers National Forest, Del Norte County. 2" white flower, pink tube, with some pink in the lower half of petals [the pink more pronounced in the upper two wing petals.
18-351    c.w.   occidentale, Low Divide 3601, Six Rivers National Forest, Del Norte County. Fifteen 1¾" flowers per truss which are a pink and white candy stripe, with an orange flare which has a pink streak running up the middle.
18-352    c.w.   occidentale, Mt. Tam 1312, Mount Tamalpais, West of Potrero Meadow, Marin County. 2½" white flowers, pink tube, lower half of petal from tip to base is a faint pink, and an orange tube. Some floors have 6 petals, upper petal and left wing petal being orange.
18-353    c.w.   occidentale, Mt. Tam 1804, Mount Tamalpais, Marin County. 2" white flower, some pink in tube and tip of petal. Yellow flare which spreads to adjoining petals.
18-354    c.w.   occidentale, Mt. Tam 2704, Mount Tamalpais, Marin County. White 2½" flowers with an orange flare that fades to yellow.
18-355    c.w.   occidentale, Mt. Tam 2903, Mount Tamalpais, Marin County. 2½" wide white flowers, yellow flare with a white line running down the middle. ¾" long tube and 1½" long corolla.
18-356    c.w.   occidentale, Mt. Tam 3110, Mount Tamalpais, Marin County. White 2 " diameter flowers, which have some pastel pink tube and some pink in the upper wing petals. Not all flowers in the same truss have pink in the corolla or tube. Orange flare.
18-357    c.w.   occidentale, Mt. Tam 3203, Mount Tamalpais, Marin County. Two inch wide white flowers, pink tube and a pink line running up the petal to the tip of the petal.
18-358    c.w.   occidentale, from Mount Tamalpais, Marin County. Orange to red fall foliage
18-359    c.w.   occidentale, Patrick's Point 2604, Patrick's Point State Park, Humboldt County. 2¼" pink and white candy stripe flowers, and a yellow flair. Some flowers have spots of yellow on the lower wing petals. Some flowers are petaloid. 14 to 16 flowers per truss.
18-359A    c.w.   occidentale Patrick's Point 3301, Patrick's Point State Park, Humboldt County. 2¼" wide white flowers, yellow flare with a faint pink line running up the middle of it. Pink tube with pink lines running up the middle of the outside of the petal to the tip.
18-360    c.w.   occidentale, Patrick's Point 3502, Patrick's Point State Park, Humboldt County. 2½" pink and white flowers. Yellow flare in upper petal which fades with age.
18-361    c.w.   c.w. occidentale, Patrick's Point 3805, Patrick's Point State Park, Humboldt County. Two inch wide faint pink and white candy stripe flowers, that have a yellow flare on the upper petal with a white line running up the middle.
18-362    c.w.   occidentale, Portola 2506, Portola Redwoods State Park, San Mateo County. 2½ in. white flowers per truss. Yellow flare with a white streak running down the middle.
18-363    c.w.   occidentale, from the Eight Dollar Mountain Road area of the Rogue River/Siskiyou National Forest with reddish Fall foliage.
18-364    c.w.   occidentale, from Sea Ranch, Sonoma County, in the area of 38.751887,-123.513360.
18-365    c.w.   occidentale, SM DD 12, A Britt Smith and Frank Mossman discovery from Stagecoach Hill, Humboldt County, with large, broad, thick deep pink and white petals which have frilled margins. Orange flare.
18-366    c.w.   occidentale, Stagecoach 902, Stagecoach Hill, Humboldt County. 2¼" pink and white candy stripe, yellow flare with a pink line down the middle, and some picotee on wing petals.
18-367    c.w.   occidentale, Stagecoach 903, Stagecoach Hill, Humboldt County. Pink and white candy stripe that has an orange flare with a red streak running down it.
18-368    c.w.   occidentale, Stagecoach 1403, Stagecoach Hill, Humboldt County. 1¾" flowers, yellow flare on upper petal with a red streak running down it, upper two wing petals are almost entirely pink, and the lower wing petals are about half pink and half white.
18-369    c.w.   occidentale, Stagecoach 1801, Stagecoach Hill, Humboldt County. 2" pink and white candy stripe flowers, red flare, which is surrounded by orange which fades to yellow.
18-370    c.w.   occidentale, Stagecoach 3503, Stagecoach Hill, Humboldt County. 2" wide light pink and white flowers, which have orange flairs.
18-371    c.w.   occidentale, Stagecoach 3807, Stagecoach Hill, Humboldt County. 2" wide pink flowers, with a prominent orange flare on the upper petal which has a fairly wide pink line running up the middle.
18-372    o.p.   magnificum, Monte Toyon garden of Maurie and Fran Sumner.
18-373    h.p.   ciliicalyx X 'Donatella' Maddenii Series hybrid
18-374    h.p.   'Donatella' X (ciliicalyx x 'Forsterianum') Maddenii Series hybrid
18-375    o.p.   'Mi Amor' (from the original Mi Amors at the Monte Toyon garden of Maurie and Fran Sumner).
18-376    h.p.   'Scott's Valentine' X parryae Maddenii Series hybrid
18-377    h.p.   'Scott's Valentine' X rhabdotum Maddenii Series hybrid
18-378    h.p.   'Scott's Valentine' X 'Winter Peach' Maddenii Series hybrid
18-379    comp.   Darlingtonia californica (Cobra Lily)
18-380    comp.   Euphorbia rigida (Gopher Plant)

Tim Behan, Rhode Island, USA
18-381    c.w.   maximum, Medfield, MA, USDA 6a, Elev. 120
18-382    comp.   Yucca ('filamentosa x rostrata') X ('filamentosa x elata') Sept. 2017
18-383    comp.   Yucca ('filamentosa x elata') X ('filamentosa x rostrata') Sept. 2017

John and Sally Perkins, New Hampshire, USA
18-384    h.p.   'Ribbon Candy' X occidentale, Stage Coach w/c
18-385    h.p.   viscosum, 'Summer Eyelet' X occidentale, Stage Coach w/c
18-386    h.p.   cumberlandense, orange X occidentale Stage Coach w/c
18-387    h.p.   Gregory Bald #1 X occidentale, Stage Coach w/c
18-388    h.p.   Canobie Showers X occidentale, Stage Coach w/c
18-389    h.p.   arborescens, Wayah Bald seedling X occidentale, Stage Coach w/c
18-390    h.p.   Canobie Frosting X occidentale, Stage Coach Picotee
18-391    h.p.   cumberlandense, Gregory Bald x occidentale, Stage Coach w/c
18-392    h.p.   eastmanii X occidentale, Stage Coach w/c
18-393    h.p.   eastmanii, Creel X occidentale, Stage Coach w/c
18-394    h.p.   periclymenoides, Appalachian Spring (white) X occidentale, Stage Coach Picotee
18-395    h.p.   Wayah Crest x occidentale, Stage Coach c.w.
18-396    h.p.   viscosum, native X occidentale Stage Coach c.w.
18-397    h.p.   prunifolium, ASR X occidentale, Redwood c.w.
18-398    h.p.   Canobie Candy x occidentale, Stage Coach Picotee
18-399    h.p.   prunifolium, ASR x austrinum, pink
18-400    h.p.   (cumberlandense, Camp's Red x Weston's Lollipop) X occidentale, Wells native
18-401    c.w.   metternichii, K. Wada X 'Wanna Bee' Only one pkg. <25 seeds
18-402    c.w.   metternichii, K. Wada X ('Medusa' x smirnowii) red form (indumented)
18-403    c.w.   Stuart #18 (early hardy purple) X Florence Parks
18-404    c.w.   Gable's Plum X Florence Parks
18-405    c.w.   carolinianum, album Gable X racemosum, Rock Rose

Rudi Perriard, Denmark
18-406    c.w.   chaetomallum Collected at Laquellie, Yunnan China, 3800 meter.
18-407    c.w.   dichroantumP1, red flower, Collected at Laqielie, Yunnan China, 3800 meter.
18-408    c.w.   clementinae
  P1 Photo at:
  P2 Photo at:

Kaarel Voitk, Sweden
18-409    h.p.   galactinum X rex ssp. rex1
18-410    h.p.   prattii X rex ssp. rex1
  1 The pollen parent is a Jens Birck's seedling from rex Quartz

Jørgen Nielsen, Denmark
18-411    c.p   wiltonii X sibling
18-412    c.p.   yakushimanum, RSF (9/25 92.365) X yakushimanum, Esveld select
18-413    c.p.   yakushimanum, deep rose in bud X yakushimanum, Esveld select (LIMITED)
18-414    c.p.   yakushimanum, Esveld select X bureavii
18-415    c.p.   yakushimanum, Esveld select X russotinctum
18-416    c.p.   yakushimanum, Esveld select X longesquamatum
18-417    c.p.   yakushimanum, Esveld select X 'Fabia'

Jaakko Saarinen, Finland
18-418    c.w.   maximum, Green Bank, Pocahontas County, West Virginia, 840 m elev.
18-419    c.p.   smirnowii, Arboretum Mustila, Finland
18-420    comp.   Hydrangea radiata, Horse Cove and Ammons, Macon County, North Carolina, 940-1040 m elev.

Ed Reekie, Nova Scotia, Canada
18-421    h.p.   'Ribbon Candy' X occidentale, 77-623
18-422    h.p.   'Ribbon Candy' X occidentale, 77-384
18-423    h.p.   'Ribbon Candy' X molle ssp. japonicum
18-424    h.p.   'Helsinki' X maximum
18-425    h.p.   molle ssp. japonicum (yellow) X open pollinated seed
18-426    h.p.   molle ssp. japonicum (yellow) X open pollinated seed
18-427    h.p.   maximum X brachycarpum
18-428    h.p.   maximum X 'Mist Maiden'
18-429    h.p.   maximum X open pollinated seed
18-430    h.p.   'Pink & Sweet' X 'Weston's Lemon Drop' (azalea hybrid)

A. J. de Boer, The Netherlands
18-431    h.p.   sinonuttallii, selfed

Fred Thurber, Massachusetts USA
18-432    h.p.    'Cocheco Sweet Perfume' X 'Dexter's Spice' Goal: fragrance, stature, hardiness

Richard Flavell, Connecticut, USA
18-433    h.p.   'Angel Glow' X praestans, RSF
18-434    h.p.   'Angel Glow' X praestans, RSF
18-435    h.p.   'Angel Glow' X sinofalconeri, RSF 00/188
18-436    h.p.   'Angel Glow' X sinofalconeri, RSF 82/040
18-437    h.p.   'Babylon' X asterochnoum, RSF
18-438    h.p.   'Cadis' X irroratum, Spatter Paint, FGW
18-439    h.p.   Connecticut Yankee'1 X irroratum, Polka Dot, FGW
18-440    h.p.   'Connecticut Yankee' X irroratum, Spatter Paint, FGW
18-441    h.p.   ('Dexter's Honeydew' x Phipps Yellow)2 X 'Golden Horse Shoe' (Jack Looye yellow)
18-442    h.p.   (yellow fortunei x ‘Skipper’, Mehlquist) X 'Golden Horse Shoe'
18-443    h.p.   (fortunei, LuShan x 'Loderi King George') X 'Perfume'3
18-444    h.p.   'Hardy Giant' X rex ssp. rex, RSF 98/353
18-445    h.p.   'Hardy Giant' X sinogrande, RSF 82/040
18-446    h.p.   'Phipps Yellow' X 'Golden Horse Shoe' Jack Looye
18-447    h.p.   'Phipps Yellow' X ('Golden Horse Shoe' x 'Yellow Stone') Jack Looye
18-448    o.p.   hemsleyanum
18-449    h.p.   'Teddy Bear' X elegantulum, FGW
18-450    h.p.   'Teddy Bear' X praestans, FGW
18-451    h.p.   'Red River' X arboreum ssp. arboreum DOUBLE RED
18-452    h.p.   'Red River' X 'Rubicon'
18-453    h.p.   'Red River' X 'Cherries and Merlot'
18-454    h.p.   yakushimanum 'Mars' (Melquist) X 'Fire Mountain'4
  1 A form of R. catawbiense
  2 Nice Pastel Peach Color
  3 Floriferous, fragrant, hardy in zone 6b
  4 Chris Trautmann picotee
  FGW = Flavell Gardens West (Florence, Oregon)

Robert Zimmerman, Washington State, USA
18-455    h.p.   boothii
18-456    h.p.   lindleyi


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