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Rhododendron of the Year Plant Awards: 2018

Great Lakes USA Region

R. 'Presque Isle'

Elepidote Rhododendron: 'Presque Isle'

Flower inside moderate purplish pink with many discrete yellowish green spots on upper lobe, outside deep purplish pink, broadly funnel-shaped to saucer shaped, very wavy edges, 4" across.  Conical-shaped truss has 16 or more flowers.  Blooms late midseason.  Leaves elliptic, down-curved edges, broadly acute apex, rounded base, 7" long, semi-glossy, olive green.  Intermediate plant habit.  Grows to a typical height of 5 ft. in 10 years.  Plant and bud cold hardy to -23F (-31C).  Hybridized by Leach, grown from seed, selected and named by Harry Johnson.

R. 'Blue Silver'

Lepidote Rhododendron: 'Blue Silver'

Flower purple, unmarked, funnel-shaped, 1" - 1⅜" across.  Loose truss has 5-7 flowers.  Blooms midseason.  Leaves oblong, acute apex, cuneate base, up to 1" long, silvery green.  Spreading, open plant habit.  Grows to a typical height of 2 ft. in 10 years.  Hardy to -10F (-23C).  Form of R. hippophaeoides selected and named by Hobbie.

R. 'Mangetsu'

Evergreen Azalea: 'Mangetsu'

Flower white with purple margins, broadly funnel-shaped, single, about 1" across.  Inflorescence 1-2 flowered.  Long blooming period: April - May.  Leaves elliptic, acute apex, cuneate base, about 1" long, dark green.  Compact, densely branched, tiered plant habit.  Grows to a height of about 1 ft. in 10 years.  Hardy to -10F (-23C).  Introduced by Nuccio's Nursery.

R. 'Golden Comet'

Deciduous Azalea: 'Golden Comet'

Flower vivid yellow with a darker vivid yellow throat and edge on upper lobe, tubular funnel-shaped, wavy edges, 2" across, fragrant.  Dome-shaped truss has 30 flowers.  Blooms early to midseason.  Leaves narrowly elliptic to oblanceolate, wavy edges, acute apex, cuneate base, 4" long, flat, moderate yellow-green, hairy above and below, deciduous.  Rounded habit.  Typical height: 4 ft. in 10 yrs.  Cold hardy to -20 F (-29 C).  Raised by Rhododendron Species Foundation.

Photos (top to bottom) by Steve Krebs, courtesy of Deutsche Genbank Rhododendron, Van Veen Nursery, Garth Wedemire.

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