Rhododendron 'Biskra'

Photo: Harold Greer

Predominant Flower Color: 

Red, Pink 

Flower / Truss Description: 

Several clones exist. Flower narrowly funnel-shaped, 2" across. One cultivar is reddish-orange shading to light brown, another is deep pink fading to orange. Lax trusses hold about 5 flowers 



Bloom Time: 


Foliage Description / Plant Habit: 

Leaves elliptic, 2" long, scaly on bottom. Erect and slender habit. 

Height in 10 Yrs: 

5 ft 

Cold Hardiness Temperature: 

0F  (-18C)

Parentage  (Seed Parent x Pollen Parent): 

cinnabarinum ssp cinnabarinum 'Roylei' x ambiguum  

Elepidote (E) or Lepidote (L): 

Hybridized or Selected by: 

de Rothschild, L. 

Registration Reference: 

RHS 58 

Note: Bloom time and 10 year height information are approximate and can vary dependent on weather and growing conditions.
Cold hardiness temperature is also an approximate value.


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