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For the Love of Rhododendron

Episode 3 - A treasure-trove of experiences

Synopsis: In this episode we learn about Ryan Fuller's research on Rhododendron evolution in the Hengduan Mountains of China. We learn how this magical place spawned Ryan's polyploidy problems, how the people in Yunnan welcomed him, and how the rather practical goal of collecting plant samples led him to adventures worthy of the most ambitious bucket-list of experiences.

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Explore the links below to learn more about topics mentioned in this episode:

Hengduan Mountains
Dr. Richard Ree's research: plant evolution in the Hengduan Mountains

Hengduan Mountains in China Rhododendrons of Hengduan Mtns: species checklists, photos and maps

Flower Press
How to make your own plant press
for collecting herbarium specimens

Plant Breding & Genomics Birds of Yunnan checklist:
with photos and sounds

Genomics Food tour of Yunnan

Rhododendron International Understanding polyploidy: Insights
into Azalea evolution & breeding


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