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The Next Generation Program:
    Rhododendron Through Your Lens Photo Competition

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General Information:

Seeking entries for the ARS-Next Gen photo contest. The purpose of the contest is to:

  1. Provide students an opportunity to participate in an ARS activity, with monetary prizes to encourage students to engage in plants.
  2. Raise awareness to the next generation about the fundamental importance of conserving Rhododendron species and their native habitats.
  3. Provide ARS members with an opportunity to share their love of plants across generations, and to learn more about the next generation's interests.
  4. Create a photo archive to support volunteer next generation social media content creators.

Photo Criteria and Themes:

Any photo format will be accepted. Need not be taken in the current year. Contestants may submit up to five photos in any of three themes:

- Your Rhododendron Lens: a close-up of a Rhododendron flower, leaf or bud.

- Our Rhododendron Community: people working together with Rhododendrons.

- Rhododendrons Gone Wild: a photo of a Rhododendron in nature.

Award Categories:

Best Student Photo - Three monetary awards for best photo submitted by a student registered at a high school, college or university.

Theme Top 20  - 6-7 photos from each theme, for a total of 20 photos, to be included in an infographic poster to teach about Rhododendron native habitats and conservation. The poster will be available for download. Photographer credits will be shown. Top 20 winners will receive a complementary 18" x 24" printed copy of the poster.

Archive Superstar - Awarded to three photographers who make the most substantial contribution to the photo archive based on number, variety and quality of the photos. Superstars will each be featured in a presentation at the convention, on our Flickr page, and in a dedicated social media post celebrating their contributions.

Archive Contributor - All photos of a Rhododendron that meet basic quality standards will be included in the archive. Archive Contributors will be featured on our Flickr page, and names will be recognized in a thank you post on social media, unless choosing to remain anonymous.

How to Submit Photos:

Upload your photos and descriptive captions at: ARS Next Gen Photo Contest.
Please note:  A Google account login is required to submit photos. Instructions about how to sign up for a Google account can be found here.

To be eligible for awards, photos must be received by May 25, 2021, 12:00 p.m. EST.

Photographer Eligibility:

Anyone can participate by submitting a photo, but awards categories have specific eligibility criteria. For the Theme Top 20, Archive Superstar or Archive Contributor awards, you must provide written permission for the photo to be used on ARS-associated social media platforms, with the stipulation that proper photographer credit will always be included with the photo. For best student photo, in order to receive a cash award you must be currently enrolled as a student at a US-based or Canada-based educational institution. The following will be accepted as proof of student status: (i). Photocopy of your student ID (with current date). (ii). Photocopy of your personal class registration. (iii). Photocopy of your own class schedule. (iv). Photocopy of your school bill. (v). URL of your institution's publicly accessible web page or web directory that shows your student status.

Members of the ARS-NG Steering Committee and their close relatives can submit photos for the archive, but are not eligible for awards.

Contest Awards and Judging:

Cash awards for the Best Student Photo: 1st place $300 Canadian dollars, 2nd and 3rd place $100 Canadian dollars.

Best Student Photo and Theme Top 20 categories will be judged by a panel of ARS members appointed by the ARS-NG steering committee.

Archive Contributors and Archive Superstars categories will be judged by the ARS-Next Gen volunteer social media coordinator in conjunction with members of the ARS-NG steering committee.

Winners will be announced at the 2021 ARS Spring Convention and award-winning photos will be displayed with photo credit on the ARS-Next Gen Flickr page.

Photo Contest Sponsor Acknowledgement:

Blue Sky Nursery logo

The ARS-Next Gen Committee thanks Blue Sky Nursery for the generous donation of the cash awards.  Blue Sky Nursery is a wholesale nursery, grower of quality broadleaf evergreens, flowering shrubs and perennials located in Ontario Canada.  For more information please visit their website.

For more information contact Christina Woodward at or Dr. Juliana Medeiros at

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