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Journal of the American Rhododendron Society

Members receive the ARS Journal, a quarterly publication filled with engaging articles dealing with a wide range of fascinating topics including rhododendron culture, propagation techniques, hybridization results, public and private gardens, plant portraits, companion plants, plant hunting explorations, rhododendron scientific research, Society news and events, and much more.

For the convenience of readers the Journal is published in both paper and electronic formats. Online Journals for the most recent five years can be viewed by current members at the web site. ARS quarterlies older than five-years are available to everyone, free of charge, at the Virginia Tech University Digital Library.

Unsolicited articles relevant to rhododendrons and their utility in gardening are welcome to be considered for publication in the Journal. The ARS does not pay for submissions, but authors can gain world-wide publication exposure. Submissions should be sent in electronic format to the editor, Dr. Glen Jamieson, at

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Article examples from the Society's Journal:

•  Frank Kingdon-Ward: Plant Hunter and Romantic

•  Taiwanese Treasures

•  When and How to Prune Rhododendrons

•  The Gardens of Exbury

•  Pest Management in the Rhododendron Garden


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