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More Information: Rhododendron burmanicum

R. 'burmanicum' 
  Photo by: Hans Eiberg

Predominant Flower Color:  Yellow

Flower/Truss Description:  Funnel campanulate, 1" to 2" long, cream to yellow or greenish yellow, outside scaly, sometimes fragrant. Truss holds 4-6 flowers.

Fragrant:  Yes sometimes

Bloom Time:  Early Midseason

Foliage Description:  Leaves obovate or oblong-obovate, up to 3" long, dark or bright green, scaly.

Plant Habit:  Usually compact, straggly in shade

Height:  4 feet in 10 years.

Cold Hardiness Temp:  15F  ( -9C)

Elepidote (E) or Lepidote (L):  L

Sub Genus:  Rhododendron

Section:  Rhododendron

Sub Section:  Maddenia

Geographical Origin:  SW Burma

Note: Bloom time and 10 year height information are approximate and can vary dependent on weather and growing conditions.
Cold hardiness temperature is also an approximate value.

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