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2012 Rhododendron of the Year Awards

ROY images

Twenty-nine rhododendrons selected for their adaptability in eight regions of the United States have been awarded Rhododendron of the Year (ROY) honors for 2012.  The purpose of the awards is to educate the public about the wide range of rhododendrons that can be grown successfully in people's gardens.  To be selected for a ROY award a plant must have excellent foliage and flowers, have an attractive plant habit, prove itself hardy for the specific region and be pest and disease resistant.

View the ROY plants for the eight geographical regions:
  Great Lakes   Mid-Atlantic   Northeast   Northwest   South Central   Southeast   Southwest   Southern California/Hawaii

For each region, the Plant Award Committee has chosen four plants - an elepidote and a lepidote rhododendron and a deciduous and an evergreen azalea.  For the warm weather Hawaii/Southern California region a vireya rhododendron has been selected.

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