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2008 Rhododendron of the Year Awards
Plants suitable for Mid-Atlantic USA


Elepidote Rhododendron: 'Mist Maiden'
R. degronianum ssp yakushimanum form

Flower pale purplish-pink aging to white with moderate yellow dorsal spotting and deep purple-pink stripe, openly funnel-shaped, wavy lobes, 2" across.  Ball-shaped truss holds 14-17 flowers.  A midseason bloomer.  Leaves oblanceolate, acute apex, cuneate base, convex, 5" long, yellowish-green, retained 5 years.  New growth has grayish-tan indumentum.  Grows broader than tall.  Grows 3 ft. tall in 10 years.  Hardy to -20F (-29C).  Selected by Hanger.

 R. 'Mist Maiden'


 Photo by Sally and John Perkins

Lepidote Rhododendron: 'Weston's Aglo'
R. minus compact form x R. dauricum hybrid

Flower moderate purplish-pink with coppery reddish spotting in dorsal throat, broadly funnel-shaped, wavy edges, 1" across.  Dome-shaped truss has typically 8 flowers.  Blooms early midseason.  Leaves elliptic, acute apex, cuneate base, 2" long, glossy, green, retained 1 year.  Plant has open habit.  Grows to height of 4-5 ft. in 10 yrs.  Flower bud hardy to -25F (-32C).  Sun tolerant.  Hybridized by Mezitt.

R. 'Weston's Aglo'

Photo by R. Wayne Mezitt 

Evergreen Azalea: 'Dream'
R. simsii x R. mucronatum

Flower strong purplish pink with deep purplish pink / vivid purplish red spotted blotch, wavy-edges, 2⅜" to 3" across.  Inflorescence 2-3 flowered.  Blooms early midseason.  Leaves elliptic, mid green.  Dense, spreading plant habit.  Grows to a height of approximately 4 ft. in 10 years.  Hardy to -10F (-23C).  Hybridized by Morrison.

 R. 'Dream'

   Photo by U.S. National Arboretum

R. 'White Lightning'

Deciduous Azalea: 'White Lightning'
Natural hybrid believed to be
R. arborescens x R. calendulaceum or R. cumberlandense

Flower white with a vivid yellow blotch, tubular-funnel-shaped, single, 2" across, fragrant.  Dome-shaped truss has 5-7 flowers.  Blooms late.  Leaves elliptic, acute apex, cuneate base, 2" long, glossy, blue-green above, heavy, grey waxy bloom below.  Height: 6-8 ft. in 10 yrs.  Cold hardy to -35F (-37C).  Wild-collected by Towe at 1525 m, Appalachian Trail, North Carolina.

Photo by Sally and John Perkins 

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