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Rhododendron of the Year Plant Awards: 2004

South East USA Region

R. 'English Roseum'

Elepidote Rhododendron: 'English Roseum'

Flower soft rose-lilac, openly funnel-shaped, 1" across.  Held in large dome-shaped trusses.  Blooms late midseason.  Leaves elliptic, acute apex, cuneate base, smooth, re-curved, glossy, medium green.  Plant has good dense habit but can get very large.  Height: 6 ft. in 10 years.  Flower bud hardy to -25F (-32C).  Vigorous grower that is tolerant of extremes in cold, heat and humidity.  Hybridized by A. Waterer.


Lepidote Rhododendron:   no selection

R. 'Autumn Royalty'

Evergreen Azalea: 'Autumn Royalty'

Flower strong purplish red with strong purplish red spotting on dorsal lobe and upper wings, 2" across.  Blooms in spring and again from July to frost.  Large, dark green foliage.  Upright and round habit.  Grows to 4 ft. in 10 years.  Cold hardy to -10F (-23C).  An Encore™ azalea.  Hybridized by Robert Lee.

R. 'Colonel Mosby'

Deciduous Azalea: 'Colonel Mosby'

Flower dark pink with yellow dorsal petal, frilly edges, widely tubular funnel-shaped, 2" across, fragrant.  Blooms early midseason.  Truss holds 6 to 10 flowers.  Mildew-resistant leaves, deciduous.  Upright growth habit.  Grows to a typical height of 10 ft. in 10 years.  Cold hardy to -10F (-23C).  Tolerates heat and humidity.  Name is not registered.  Hybridized by Tom Dodd, Sr. and Jr.

Photos (top to bottom) by Harold Greer, Robert Lee, Mike Creel.

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