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Rhododendron and Azalea News is for you...a lover of the genus Rhododendron...and is free for your pleasure and enjoyment.  The News is an important arm of the American Rhododendron Society, whose sole purpose is to share ideas about this genus with others around the world.  The genus Rhododendron include: elepidote and lepidote rhododendrons, deciduous and evergreen azaleas, vireya (tropical) rhododendrons, and ledums.

In each issue, you will find a variety of articles, news, and information under each of the topic headings shown at the left, intended to keep you abreast of how to make your world of rhododendrons more beautiful and meaningful.  The aim is to provide ways that all persons interested in the genus may communicate with others around the world through: education, scientific studies, meetings, publications, and other similar activities.

These quarterly issues will become more important as you submit your observations, studies, tours, questions, and answers.  There's a whole team of experts out there who..."live and die" daily for this beautiful genus called Rhododendron...and await the opportunity to share with you the latest information.  No question is too simple for our team of experts to assist in a step-by-step advice procedure to enable you to gain a sense of satisfaction from creating a beautiful garden.

There' s a tremendous amount of information that should be shared with others...around the world.  Even though you may not live in the same climate zone, the learning process goes on and on and on...and broadens one's love for rhododendrons and azaleas.


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