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On-Line Application for Registration of a Rhododendron or Azalea Name

North Americans can use the on-line form below to register a name for a selected clone of either a species or a hybrid.  The registration information will be emailed to Michael Martin Mills, ARS Regional Registrar.  No fee is charged to register a plant name.  For further guidance in filling in the registration application see the instruction sheet.  For any questions contact Michael Martin Mills at

Name, phone and email of person to whom the registrar may address questions:
Name   Phone   Email

Proposed name of plant

Please indicate the origin or source of the proposed name (example: hybridizer, local landscape architect, wife/husband, grandson/granddaughter, friend, business associate, character in a book/play, etc.)

Certificate requested    Yes   No

Has any other name been used for this plant?    No    Yes

If yes, give name

Identification number(s), if known: collector #   ARS seed exchange #    breeder # 

This is (check one): elepidote rhododendron   lepidote rhododendron   azaleodendron
                             deciduous azalea   evergreen azalea   vireya rhododendron   intergeneric hybrid

Complete Section A or Section B, whichever is applicable

Section A - Selected Clone of a Species

Name of species, subspecies, variety or form 

Selected by:  Name    

Section B - Hybrid

Seed parent  
Pollen parent 

  Hybridized or  selected by

All Applicants should complete Sections C and D

Section C - Plant History

Grown to first flower by:

Named by:

Commercial introducer:

Registered by:
     Name of person or firm  

Has the name been published with a description?  Yes or No
If so, when, where and by whom:

Details of any awards or patents:

Section D - Description (See instruction sheet for illustrations.)

Number of flowers per truss:     Truss size: height    width 

Truss shape:  dome  ball  conical  flat  lax    other shape

Corolla shape: (see instruction)

Corolla:  length     width   Number of lobes 

Lobe margin:  wavy  frilly  flat            Scent:  strong  moderate  slight  none

Flower color:  (a) buds 
                     (b) inside flower  
                     (c) outside flower
                     (d) color and distribution of blotch/spots

Note color chart used

Calyx length   Calyx color  

Leaf:  length    width 

Leaf margin:  flat  wavy  upcurved  downcurved

Leaf shape:  elliptic  lanceolate  ovate  obovate  oblong  orbicular  linear
                    other shape 

Leaf base:    cuneate  rounded  oblique  cordate
                    other base

Leaf tip:        acuminate  acute  broadly acute  obtuse
                    other tip

Leaf surface:  dull  semi-glossy  glossy

Leaf color

Indumentum type:  hairs  scales  none

Indumentum color   (when young):

Indumentum location  

Shrub:   height     width , in   years

Shrub habit:  open  intermediate  dense

Leaves held    years

Hardy to at least (specify degrees F or C):  plant   buds 

Flowering period:  early  mid  late        Month 

Comments / Other distinguishing features:

Photo sent:   no   yes    If yes, sent by:   email   USPS (surface mail)

Digital photos may be sent by email to, and photo prints and slides by surface mail to Michael Martin Mills, 632 Burnham Road, Philadelphia, PA 19119-3510.

Type the characters from the BLUE box.
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