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Plant Name On-line Registration Application


This form is for use by North American registrants only (others, please see instructions). This form supersedes all previous versions. Because it has been substantially revised, all registrants are strongly advised to read the new application instructions. The instructions include illustrations and a glossary. An asterisk (*) in the form indicates that the instructions include particular details and advice for that section of the form. Registrants should review the instructions before completing that section. When the application is submitted by pressing the "send" button, it will be automatically routed to the regional registrar. Paper copies of the instructions may be obtained from the registrar via email request or at the address below.

There is no fee for registration of a plant name.

Photographs are not required but strongly encouraged (see instructions). Photographic prints should be sent to Michael Martin Mills, Registrar of Plant Names, 632 Burnham Road, Philadelphia, PA 19119-3510. Questions and electronic images should be directed to:

Date of application:

Proposed plant name:

(A hybrid cultivar or a selected clone of a species may be named and registered.)

Type of plant (select one):
elepidote rhododendron
lepidote rhododendron
evergreen azalea
deciduous azalea
vireya (lepidote)

Registrant information

Person submitting the application:        Address:

Phone(s):      Email:

If applicable, name and address of institution or organization to be recorded as registering the cultivar name:

Is a certificate of registration requested?    yes   no

Plant history

* Complete either Section A or Section B, then proceed to Section C

Section A.   Selected clone of a species to be registered as a cultivar

* Species (including subspecies, etc.): 

* Origin of plant: 

Species selected by:       Year: 


Section B.   Selected clone of a hybrid to be registered

Seed parent: 

Pollen parent: 

* Complete appropriate line(s):

Hybrid hybridized by:         Year: 


Hybrid selected by:         Year: 


Section C.  All plants:

Grown to first flower by:   Name:         Year: 


Named by:                       Name:         Year: 


Commercial introducer:   Name:        Year: 


* Other relevant plant history details: 

Has the proposed name appeared in a printed publication with a description?   Yes No Unknown
If yes, when, where and by whom: 

Has a description appeared in a printed publication under another name?   Yes No Unknown
If yes, when, where, by whom and what name(s): 


Trademarks or patents: 

Propagation history (under what name or number, and extent of propagation, for example, "minimal," "significant," "commercial"):

* Prior informal designations for the cultivar, including breeder’s numerical references, and any other names for the cultivar:

* Etymology, meaning or derivation of proposed plant name: 

* Flower details and colors

      Number of flowers per single-bud truss: 

Lepidotes, azaleas, azaleodendrons and vireyas:
      Number of flowers per single-bud inflorescence: 
      Typical number of buds forming truss, terminal or cluster: 
      Typical number of flowers per truss, terminal or cluster: 

* Truss dimensions (do not include pistil or stamens that extend beyond the flowers).   Truss height:       Truss width: 

Truss shape:  dome  ball  conical  flat  lax  other shape: 

* Corolla shape: 

Corolla length: (flattened length from base to tip of lobe): 

Corolla width (widest diameter, do not distort flower): 

* Number of lobes (please see instructions for recording double or hose-in-hose lobes): 

* Lobe shape: 

* Lobe margin:  wavy  frilly  flat

* Doubling, if any: 

* If applicable, noteworthy aspects of pistil and stamens: 

Color chart used, with edition date if available (see instructions if using 2014 RHS Colour Chart): 

  * Bud (unopened corolla): 

  Inside of flower: 

  Color, form and location of interior marks (blotch, flare, spots, etc.):

Outside of flower: 

* Optional for evergreen azaleas: pattern of flower colors:

Calyx color: 

* Calyx length: 

Scent:  none  light  moderate  strong

Optional: characterize scent: 

* Leaf details

Leaf shape:  elliptic  lanceolate  ovate  obovate  oblong  orbicular  oblanceolate  linear
                  other shape 

Leaf:  length:    width: 

Base shape:  cuneate  rounded  oblique  cordate
                  other base shape 

Tip shape:  acuminate  acute  broadly acute  obtuse
                  other tip shape 

* Margin:  flat  wavy  upcurved  downcurved
                  other leaf margin 

* Curvature: 

Leaf color: 

If applicable, distinctive new-growth color and/or fall color (color chart numbers desired but not required):

* Leaf surface:  glossy  semi-glossy  matte or dull     Other: 

* Leaf indumentum type: 

Indumentum color (young): 


Indumentum location: 

Other indumentum information: 

Plant characteristics

Shrub height:     Shrub width: 

Years to reach above dimensions: 

Shrub habit:  open  intermediate  dense

Leaves held:    growing seasons (for deciduous azaleas, leave blank)

Cold hardiness (indicate Celsius or Fahrenheit):  plant:    buds:

Heat tolerance if known: 

* Flowering period
For all cultivars except vireyas:
Select one:  very early season  early season  midseason  late season  very late season

Also indicate specific month of flowering in registrant’s locale (add early, mid, or late if desired): 

For vireyas:
Indicate any distinct cycle or pattern of blooming, and if it is specific to locale or culture: 

* Comments and other plant features:

* Photographic rights and release

As registrant, I confirm I am the copyright holder for the image(s) of [insert proposed plant name here] submitted to accompany this application. I agree for the International Cultivar Registration Authority (ICRA) for Rhododendron to make use of the image(s) for any scientific or educational purpose in relation to the registration and correct naming of plants, whether through electronic or printed media. I also agree to allow the American Rhododendron Society and its chapters to publish the image(s) in the Journal of the American Rhododendron Society, at the ARS web sites, chapter newsletters, materials accompanying society or chapter plant sales, and in electronic compilations of a noncommercial nature.

The copyright of the image will remain with the original copyright holder.

Signature (typed): 


If the registrant is not the copyright holder for the submitted image(s), leave signature line above blank. Complete the following section and/or seek advice from the regional registrar (address at the top of this form).

Copyright holder other than registrant
Name:        Address: 

Telephone:     Email:    


Type the characters from the RED box.
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