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Membership Application (Print and Mail)

Print out, fill in the form below and mail along with a check ($US) to:
American Rhododendron Society
P.O. Box 525  Niagara Falls, NY 14304

The form can also be faxed to: 905-262-1999

Affiliation / Second Name:
Street Address:
State/Province: Zip/Postal Code:
E-Mail Address:
Confidentiality? (See note below) Yes No
Membership Category: (list below)
Membership Category   Yearly Dues ($US)
(one or two people in same household)
Commercial-Corporate $90.00
Sustaining $75.00
Sponsoring $150.00
Life, single $1,000.00
Payable over 3 year period
($400, $300, $300)
Life, family $1,500
Payable over 3 year period
($500, $500, $500)
Note: Confidentiality - May we have permission to use this information in our membership roster and other Society publications?  All members' addresses appear in our membership roster, but checking "No" will avoid showing your phone, fax and E-mail address.

Thank you for joining the American Rhododendron Society!

American Rhododendron Society
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