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How to submit an article to the Journal American Rhododendron Society

The Journal American Rhododendron Society publishes articles by both ARS members and non-members on subjects pertaining to rhododendrons.  Subjects include: rhododendron and azalea culture, propagation, hybridizing, private gardens, public gardens, plant portraits, companion plants, exploration, scientific research and more.  Since our readers range from  Journal Cover hobbyists to professional horticulturists to scientists the scope for articles is broad.

If you have an idea for an article, send a short description of what you propose to the editor, who will evaluate it for its appropriateness for the journal.  Sending a query is preferable to sending a completed article.  In the query, include the subject, approximate length in words, whether or not you will also submit color or black and white photos, and a short note on your qualifications for writing on the subject.  For instance, for a plant portrait, include your experience growing or viewing the plant.  If the article is appropriate for publication in the journal, the editor will send you a writer's and photographer's guide to help you write the article.  If you are a scientist writing on your research, specific guidelines are available.

The Journal American Rhododendron Society is published quarterly (Jan. 15, April 15, July 15, and Oct. 15).  The journal does not pay authors or photographers for published articles or photos.

Please send your article query and any questions to:
Dr. Glen Jamieson, Editor
804 San Malo Cr
Parksville, BC V9P 1S4


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