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Rhododendron Photographs

The ARS is pleased to make photo images available as part of the "searchable" database of hybrid and species rhododendrons.  We believe that the image database provides a valuable and unique reference source for rhododendron enthusiasts around the world.

To view the rhododendron photos click on "Plant Data /Rhododendrons" in the drop down navigation menu above.  Then select one of the provided search options.  In the alphabetized list of search results the camera icon ( icon ) in the "Photo" column is a link to the photo image.  To view the azalea photos click on "Plant Data/Azaleas" in the navigation menu and select one of the search options.

Effort has been taken to obtain images that are true and representative of the named rhododendron hybrids and species.  However, considerable variations in flower coloration and form can exist between individual plants and different flower trusses on the same plant, especially for the rhododendron species.  In addition, for some varieties, flower color may change as the flower ages.  Colors also are affected by ambient light conditions, film type, photo conversion techniques, digital camera settings, compression methods, computer monitor settings, etc.  Please refer to the database "text" description for a more accurate color description as published in the plant name registration record.

The Society's Electronic Media Committee is grateful to the many photographers who have generously provided their photographs for use at the ARS web site.  The following contributors are acknowledged:

Tom Ahern, Chris Anderson, Auburn University, Jim Barlup, Boris Bauer, Carolyn Beck, Cathy Bird, Jens Birck, Todd Boland, Henk Borsje, Ned Brockenbrough, June Bouchard, Pat Breen, Dick Cavender, Buck Clagett, Richard Clapp, Joe Coleman, Bruce Cobbledick, Kenneth Cox, Hans Eiberg, Ulf Eliasson, John K Elliot, Frank Fujioka, Bob George, Allan Glassman, Harold Greer, Tony Greco, Richard Gustafson, Bill Heller, Hank Helm, Steve Henning, Robert Hickey, Prudence Holliger, Tijs Huisman, Donald Hyatt, Stuart Imrie, Doug Irish-Hosler, Dick Jones, Roland Kersten, Chris Klapwijk, Ron Knight, Don Kohlenberger, Marvin Larsen, Paul Lawry, G. D. Lewis, Peter Littlefield, Dennis McKiver, Marilynne Mellander, T. Lawrence Mellichamp, R. Wayne Mezitt, Len Miller, Monrovia Nursery, Loyd Newcomb, Peter Norris, Sally and John Perkins, Eleanor Philp, Lonnie Player, Princeton ARS Chapter, Rhododendron Species Foundation, David Royster, Fredo Schröder Nursery, Alice Schwegman, Elaine Sedlack, Don Smart, Parker Smith, Herbert Spady, William Spohn, Joan Steele, Bob Stelloh, Torben Stein, Mike Stewart, Bill Stipe, Leon Swell, Margaret Taylor, Kristian Theqvist, Odo Tschetsch-Deutsche Genbank Rhododendron, University of Minnesota Extension, U.S. National Arboretum, Donald Voss, Don Wallace, Garth Wedemire, Diane Weissman, Weston Nurseries, Jim Willhite, Harry Wright.

The Electronic Media Committee seeks additional photo images for the web site database.  Please contact the Committee chairman if you have images to contribute.  Also let us know of any serious errors in the image database.

Bob Weissman
Chair, Electronic Media Committee

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