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Description of Rhododendron 'Beauty of Littleworth'

R. 'Beauty of Littleworth' 
Photo by: Odo Tschetsch
Deutsche Genbank Rhododendron

Seed Parent x Pollen Parent: 

griffithianum x campanulatum? 

Predominant Flower Color: 


Flower / Truss Description: 

Flower funnel-campanulate, about 4" across, white tinged deep purplish pink at edges, heavily spotted deep purplish-red on upper petal, nectarines strong purplish-red. Very slow to bloom as young plant. 



Bloom Time: 


Height (ft.) in 10 Yrs: 

Cold Hardiness Temperature: 

-5F  (-21C)

Foliage Description / Plant Habit: 

Leaves elliptic, up to 8" long, dull to slightly glossy, minute pale brown hairs below . Vigorous growing plant that can become leggy. Branches often bent and distorted by weight of flower trusses. Prefers morning sun. 

Elepidote (E) or Lepidote (L): 



Registration Reference: 

RHS 58 

 Note: Bloom time and 10 year height information are approximate and can vary dependent on local climate and soil conditions.
Hardiness temperature is also an approximate guideline.

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